Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bitter Sweet Endings and Beginnings

Yep, Lots of change happening here in my life. This week is my last week before I leave to go to Wyoming. I'll tell you; this is very exciting and I feel so ready, but on this side of things it just plain hurts. As much as I have tried and could try more it would do no good to fight the feeling of being pulled out of one place and put in another. It feels like how I can imagine a glacier sliding off some frozen cliff in antarctica. As I am leaving this place I am scraping and sliding away from the entire shelf of ice. As I leave my community, my family, and my girlfriend I am not only taking a piece of them, but I am also leaving pieces of me.

The nice thing about all this is that I don't have to say goodbye because I know that I will coming back and I know that I will meet back up again. Unfortunately it doesn't change the fact that I wont be here. I know that I will miss them and some people that I know very little, but our interactions have been presented by God. Even my customers at publix when I worked there. Those people. I may never see them again.

Now dont get me wrong. I still get to pray for my cancer patients that I met, for the random Christians that always spoke blessings on me, for the people at work that I was reaching, for all of them. It still just plain sucks.

Thankfully I do have God on the other side waiting for me. I can almost hear Him call my name. Egging me on. Moving me closer and closer to what is next. His promises are ringing very true. His passion and strength is really starting to build. I can feel my faith growing and my heart growing fonder and I am ready. Truly I am ready for what He has.

So, now is a time to cherish, to pray, and grow. Time for new people to enter my life, for new spiritual movement, time for definitions to be made, and most of all it's time fall deeper in love with God, His people, His Kingdom, and the people He has placed around me.

Thanks so much for reading. I'll keep you posted on all the happenings in Casper. Please pray for all that God is doing. That would be a great service.

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