Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My First Day in the New Office

So, today was my first day in the office.

I ended up waking up like and hour and a half early due to my first day nerves, but it ended up being pretty good. I got the chance to be a bit more open with my time. Spending some time in the word and in silence just listening to God speak and that is always refreshing.

I get to share a car with one of the other interns, Kelli. Thankfully this is actually really awesome. Kelli lives just right next door with our boss and his wife, Harold and Veronica. Getting out to the car was funny because it was a bit chillier than I am used to. Especially this time of year. Back in Florida it is mostly around 90 degrees. Here this morning it was somewhere in the 60's and for my jeans, flip flops, and t-shirt it was a bit much. Didn't really matter much then anyways. I knew I was going to be inside for most of the day.

Once at work we had a big meeting called a 5 at 9. It is where all of the people on staff come together and basically have a run down on how everything is going. There we had a chance to, very quickly, meet everyone. Unfortunately I can't remember half of those people's names. It was really great to go and be a part of an official church staff meeting. It felt really right. I felt at home.

God has really blessed the relationship that I am beginning to have with Victoria and Kelli (both of the other interns) we are already starting to become good friends. It is really awesome to be with them and I can already see that the three of us are going to work great together. Even in decorating our office with cool stuff and putting together a new desk. I just can't wait to see what God does with us. Here at this internship and beyond as friends in ministry.

I also got my schedule for the rest of the summer. Lets just say that I wont have any problems staying busy. Harold has a lot for us to do this summer. Between time to retreat, reading the three books assigned us, intern classes, hanging out with students, bible studies, and teaching we will absolutely have a lot to do and look forward to.

He made it very clear and I agree that the most important thing will be staying plugged into God. "You can't give what you aint got."Thankfully I have been praying and experiencing thirst and hunger. The kind that just leave you itching for what God wants to say to you that day and what time you can spend in His presence.

So, now I am looking forward to the next 10 weeks and what God has in store for this time. Please continue praying for me and what God is going to do here.

God bless and post ya later!

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